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"Mental Health problems are lonely illnesses - it's the quickest way I know to lose all the people who aren't paid to care for you. You need people to be with you, to stick with you, to talk about something other than what's going on inside your head. If you've got someone like that, you've got a good chance." (from Mental Health & Social Exclusion, ODPM) 


Crossways Community has provided residential care and support for people with mental and emotional difficulties for 50 years. We know that sufferers can recover to live a full and productive life. We know, also, that those with mental ill-health share the same hopes and aspirations as everyone else, it's just that they express these in ways that limit their ability to live within society.


Mental illness can appear frightening or intimidating, all the more so if we don't understand why a person is behaving in a particular way, and we then make judgements based on ignorance and fear. At Crossways, we believe very strongly that the more that people understand about mental health and their own preconceptions, the better equipped they are to help and support themselves and others. 


This view underpins our mental health awareness (MHA) programme. We offer short courses and seminars for schools, churches and businesses. Our courses are not for professionals but for the majority of people who may have a few mild mental health issues of their own, or know people who have but don't know how to help.


People often think that only professional carers can help with mental health problems but often what people need is a good friend who is willing to listen. We aim to give people the confidence to tap into qualities they already have - listening and being a concerned neighbour. Simply calling, texting or sending a message via Facebook can often be enough to help them feel supported. 


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Recognising potential, encouraging independence, achieving self worth

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Crossways Provides Mental Health Training for Schools. If you know a primary or secondary school in West Kent which could benefit please email our CEO. 

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